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techblog.gr is the Greek blog about all the latest technologies, providing the opportunity to friends of new technologies to discuss, comment, learn, engage with technology and also interact with the other members of this online community about consumer electronic products (digital cameras, TVs, cameras, sound systems, DVD, Blu-Rays, etc), IT products and telecommunications services.
Contact us: editors [at] techblog.gr.

techblog.gr was founded in the beginning of 2007, aiming at providing valuable information and soon became a reliable informative tool satisfying the needs of today’s consumers, executives and all kinds of businesses.

The editorial team of techblog.gr, closely monitors the technological advances in both Greece and abroad and takes you with live audio and video to the place where the information started. See the videos here.

techblog.gr is the first Greek blog to participate in exhibitions. In 2007 techblog.gr was one of the exhibitors of the Sound-Vision Show and dte-Digital Technology Expo exhibitions, revealing the love of its creators for technology as well as their aspirations for a better Greek internet.

techblog.gr & the Media
TV shows, important specialized magazines as well as historic newspapers have mentioned the techblog.gr phenomenon. Television: ET1 (Psifiaki Ellada), SKAI (Blog Action Day), Newspapers: Naftemporiki, Kathimerini, Metropolis, Magazines: PC Magazine, Sound-Vision, Focus, Satellite News, Connecting, OnLine, Websites: tanea.gr, hxos.gr.

Advertise on techblog.gr
techblog.gr, the Greek blog for all new technologies, attracts thousands of unique visitors, every month, with a thirst for technology. From January 2007, techblog.gr is the best information source for new technologies and their applications. Advertise your company on techblog.gr, the ideal place to get your product seen by thousands of visitors a day. Send us an email with your information and we will reply by sending you the most recent statistics and our current pricelist. We have already cooperated with major companies such as Plaisio, Wind, Canon, HP and Sony among others.

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